Jim Lynn, Karl Krick, Bob DuBos

Bob DuBos at the Piano

Cpl Jim Lynn, Rothwesten 1949.  If I look just a tad ticked off, it was because just the day before we, a Detachment of about 20 ASA troops on this small Air Base operated by the 601st AC&W had been placed in a "line up"  for viewing by a German "Frau" who claimed an attack by an "American Army GI".  The USAF "Blue Suiters" were more than happy to force us to submit. She IDed no one but scared crap out of my Buddy Stan Heil when she came back to him for a second look after he laughed in her face the first time - Stan was quiet  the second time.



The sign, on the wall of the stairway and a steel door into the attic operations area was our"security". One young USAF 2nd Lt did not take the sign serious, his curiosity got the better of him, he sneaked into ops but left in a helluva hurry when he heard an issue .45 Automatic being charged and felt the cold muzzle touching his temple!!

The much photographed front entrance to the old Fleigerhorst Base, now under the managership of the USAF 601st AC&W






Cpl Jim Lynn and Pfc Howie Lutz, on trail back of base overlooking

Fulda River as it enters the Historic Fulda Gap


Photos -  Herzo EM open mess, '48

l/r Haurick, Ambrose,  Jim Lynn,  Cpl Whittal, Stan Heil, Pennsylvania.  Don't  temember the other guys all that well, but Stan was my long time buddy, one of the best.. Last saw him at TRRS, had just rtn'd from PI, as I was leaving for  ASAPac

/r  Maxwell, Jim Lynn, Robert G. Dubos, New Orleans, La.,  Reid. Have made net contact with Bob (7-02), now of Baton Rouge, La. - as much of a clown as ever!!!
Couple on left, Sgt Harry Norman Waldvogel and Ingeborg - Mr and Mrs   when they left Germany - no better friends did I ever have in my years in Uncles employ!!!!

Since scanning this photo, w/id names imbedded, then posting, I have rec'd identification from a good ASA buddy that the first Troop on left, the one w/bandaged fingers is Sgt Milton C, Cyr.. sorry bout not rekignizing ye Milt, ye see, when I arrived at Herzo, you were "an old troop" - meaning anyone who had been there more than a month or was over age 20 was an old troop!!! 4th and 5th troops from left were George L. Haines and  Sherman W. Alday.- far r is Frank Patty Jr. Troop w/face covered is  and probably always be incognito.

l/r:  Pvt George Lynn, (Florida, I believe)  a genuine hero of WWII, five years in a Japanese POW camp in Japan.
Sgt Remington, Pvt Robert G. Dubos, N.O. La.
German Frauleins, I do not know their name.
About this note today from Bob DuBos about Dad. Mom tells me Bob and his family are deeply religious and caring people. I know Bob prayed daily for Dad during this trying period and he is greatly appreciated.  Jerry, 4/17/2007


We were both in operations at Herzo, though on different tricks (8 hr.schedules around the clock).  I also worked as a DF (Direction Finder) operator at the Base Site and field sites.

 We often got together at the Rec Hall (Recreation center) in our overlapping "off" times, which was where those "stories" of my "one-song" piano playing ability came from.   On the other side of the coin, when everyone went to Gasthauses and drank a lot, I had a huge reportoire when I played the piano.   As I am old and do not remember, if I played the piano, or how good or bad I played, or how drunk they were, or how drunk I was, the only indicator was they let us in again and again, week after week. I do remember I drank a lot of beer in Germany.

When one of the Polish guards  (Czymensikowski) (??)   got married in Herzogenaurach and I was invited to the wedding and party, (He called me Dubowski), I learned four things -  1) "Steinhager" is put in crock bottles because it would eat away plain glass.   2) Avoid drinking a toast with each one at the table individually.- Polaks like to do this to you.  3) Hang on tight when you're dancing and whirling around to a Polka.  If she lets you go, you can go through the french doors on the balcony, hit the railing, and end up in the snow a floor below.  4) It is true Polish wedding parties last three days and it is true that you can get your fingers stepped on when you are leaving.

I was happy to learn from your Dad in an email this year that the dance floor in the Casa Carioca nightclub, in Garmisch, really did slide away for an ice skating show.  I remember the dance floor being cold before I went to sleep.

I liked my versions of how your Dad broke his ankle on that trip better than his.

Jerry, he's still with me.  Always will be.



l/r: Rob't G ""Bob" Dubos,  Wm C. Seidel, Pa, Russ Thomson, Wisc, Oliver F. "Rick" Justice, Kokomo, IN (My buddy at Herzo, Room mate at R'westen), Carl Krick, Pa.  Rex "Duke" Patterson, Gowanda, NY - Picture, Winter 48/49
Not always wild parties, wholesome winter sports at Garmish - Lake Eibsee

l/r: Robert G "Bob" Dubos, New Orleans, LA. What a fun guy to be around. When he was "tipsey", which after one beer he usually was, he could play the old upright piano in the Herzo Hub snack bar and several of us could stand around it and sing.  Problem was, Bob knew only one song - "Bill Bailey, won't you please come home" Russell Thompson, Wisconsin. Russ made a trip with a group of us to Garmish, winter of '49.  We stayed in the Eibsee hotel,  packed couple cases Heinekins in snow on the balcony and had a blast!!
Rex "Duke" Patterson, full blood Irquois, Gowanda, NY. -  super stong, when Bob could no longer navigaye under his own power, Duke would drape him over a shoulder, back to Herzo we go,  MP at the gate would sort of smile and look the other way.. Charlie Stone.  Charlie was pretty quiet, don't remember much about him.


Herzo Hero Buddies - 114th Sig Svc Co
1949-50  Some of the finest ASAE was fortunate to have as troopers.

TL, clockwise:

Rex "Duke" Patterson, Tonowanda NY. Full blood Irquois, strong as a bull,
gentle and soft spoken as a puppy.

TR: Robert G "Bob" Dubos, NO, La., on Skiing vacation to Garmish.

Ralph Furstenberg, from Calif, at Garmish.

Dale Lintner,from Pa. quiet Gentleman.

Ludwig Heilmier and ... Dale Lintner, Md and Pa, good buddies, at Garmish.

Scnhappes, everybodys 'Hund' . Dawg, spoiled rotten, at Herzo.

Middle Left:

A straightarrow guy.. My buddy and roomie at Rothwesten.

Oliver Frederick "Rick: Justice, Kokomo, IN.


Little story goes w/this equip, TSgt Hardeman and some of the first ASA troops at R'westen.  We went out on a field problem, set up somewhere ENE of the Town of Fulda, Germany. Apparently the goal of this event was to test Radio Signal reception of certain targets further to the NE. As we were listening a few days after setting up, a Rusky Military radio o/s came on, calling his NCS - obviously low level and w/a green horn operator. He did not rec. an answer after a long period of calling.  TSgt Hardeman, big hearted, said - that poor kid is going to ruin his arm - we better help him out.  So, cranking up the BC-610 (which was a no-no) for us, the good Sgt slapped the leg mount J-38, answering the kid.. BAM..right back came the Rusky - man, as if he had suddenly found his long lost pet dog... in just a minute tho another fist came on the Rusky Freq.,, sent a authentication challenge - course we could not authenticate - tried several stalls,, QRM,, QRN,, QSA 2,,   dead silence,  the poor Rusky Operator probably finished a promising USSR Army career diggin frozen "Kertaufels" out of some Siberian snowbank.. if he lived that long..







Cpl Jim Lynn, one of the original Det A 114th Sig Svc Co ASAers at Rothwesten 1949. I was assigned to the Huff-Duff site out on the old runway. This "unmilitary" photo, standing atop Herkules Castle.  Kassel City in background

Small wooded hill between 601st AC&W Mess hall and Det A bldg at Rothwesten.
l/r Cpl Hoyt,  Cpl Stan Heil holding Bowser and Pfc Howey Lutz.
Bowser was a mostly boxer, belonged to the whole base but liked ASA troops. Bowser liked beer too, would drink it out of a saucer, placed on dance floor at EM club. One day saucer got turned over - that started a routine better then any floor show - Bowser would chase that saucer all over the dance floor attempting to turn it up right for more beer - did not matter to him who was on dance floor, chairs, tables, dancers - all went flying when Bowser was after another snoot full of beer.  photo late 49, early 50







There's that dang squirrel again!!
Cpl Shannon, Hoyts buddy, on hill above Fulda River, almost straight east of 601st AC&W base at Rothwesten.  man, four of us tramped thru about 15 miles of forested hills to get one squirrel..